12/17/17 – Hero – God’s Hero Wearing a Cross, not Cape

I.A HERO PROMISED (Deuteronomy 18:15-18)
A.Moses was the hero God used to deliver the Jews from slavery in Egypt.
B.Moses was an imperfect hero though and a sinner who needed God to provide him with a hero to rescue him, too.
C.God promised the people a future hero, like Moses, who would God would also use to rescue them from their slavery to sin.

II.GOD’S HERO COMES (Mark 11:1-10, Zechariah 9:9-10)
A.God’s hero, Jesus, arrives, not in a grand way but In God’s way and the people rejoice that peace is now possible.
B.God’s hero, Jesus, came to wear our cross, not a cape.

III.OUR HERO’S EPIC COMEBACK (Revelation 19:6-11)
A.Jesus, God’s hero, makes the greatest comeback in history, by rising from the dead.
B.Our hero, Jesus, will return on a white horse and put an end to evil, for good.

•This Christmas, be a hero, like Moses, who points people to God’s superhero, Jesus.