12/3/17 – God, The Son, The Son of God is Born – Hope in the Presence of God at Christmas

I.A SON PROMISED (Genesis 12:1-3, Isaiah 7:10-14)
A.God promises Abraham a Son, through whom the nations would be blessed.
B.Abram’s son, took time and forced Abram to learn to enjoy the presence of God as he waited on the promises of God.
C.Advent reminds us apart from His presence, the provision of His promises falls flat.
D.The son God promised Abraham, would be of a virgin, & His presence among us would mean protection for us.

II.THE SON OF GOD COMES (Matthew 3:16-17)
A.The son, God promised to Abraham and gave Mary, is in actuality, the Son of God, with whom God is well pleased.
B.Jesus is the provided propitiation of God that makes us perfect and God well pleased in us as well.

A.The Son of God will one day be seen and known for who He is really is, God, the Son.
B.As the Son takes His rightful place, it will mean we take hold of what is right for us to have in Him, eternal life in His presence.

•Make this season about enjoying the gift of His presence, not just gifts and presents.